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Incidence of wheat stripe rust in cereal producing countries

World map with countries colored according to stripe rust incidence, light yellow being one (low) and red being a five (high)
High grain producing countries in more temperate regions, such as the US, China, and Australia, tend to have higher incidences of stripe rust than countries such as Russia or Peru. Countries with no data are shown in white.

Incidence of Oversummering and Overwintering of Stripe Rust in the US

Map of the US showing regions where overwintering or oversummering is favorable.
Regions with cooler summers (such as the pacific northwest) are highly favorable areas for stripe rust oversummering. Regions with mild winters (such as states bordering the Gulf of Mexico) are highly favorable for stripe rust overwintering. Conditions have been shown to be favorable for both overwintering and oversummering only along the coast of Oregon and Washington state.